Obedient Wives Club Press Release

“It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. At last I reached home. I was greeted by my ‘angel’ who was still in slumber land and my two kids who were fast asleep. This is my paradise. But, it is not an uncommon sight. A marriage supposedly a smooth road becomes  a thorny road which is full of frustration whilst other roads which deviated from the right path is more glittering and stunning. I found the paradise outside my house”. This true story is told at a time of unparalleled scientific and technological knowhow and unprecedented cyber age that gripped us. The wife is faithful, very loyal but obviously she is unable to satisfy her husband’s needs. Many times a husband comes home but he is not greeted with a smile, seductive, sexy wife, and a scent that can arouse the male hormones. Truly his welcoming note is an ‘angel’ with stale saliva and crusted eye discharge. This is the reality of our society today. How the problem of a disobedient wife, who is unable to entertain her husband and to serve her husband satisfactorily is the source of social ills.

We have spent so much time, energy, money and attention to overcome the problems of abuse women, molestation, rape, prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of suppression against women. Various methods have been used and championed like the Human Rights, Women Liberation, enforcement of existing laws, etc. Nonetheless it seems futile. Prostitution, remains in demand. It has become a source of income either through straight forward flesh trade or indirectly like night clubs, striptease clubs, etc. It’s not just women who become victims but it’s also the same with men, husband seeking prostitutes, women seeking gigolos.

The institution of marriage which promises heaven before heaven, my home is my paradise, maintains but only a slogan. In this era, there is no man or woman as faithful as Romeo and Juliet. There is no couple as ideal as Saidina Ali and Saidatina Fatimah. In actual fact there are only spouses who are suffering because they are not satisfied with one another. What we found today is a wife who is disobedient and a husband who is irresponsible.

A wife whom we hope will become an angel to her husband has become a queen control of sorts that tears her husband apart. He is miserable, his thoughts become chaotic and he is very much disturbed. Imagine if the disturbed husband were a Prime Minister, an Army Chief, a Decision Maker of a country. Would the country be in peace and harmony? Indirectly but for sure a disobedient wife is the cause of havoc in the world today. Thus what is the solution? Correct the wife. Improve wife quality. Bring her back to her basic function i.e. as a lover to her husband, who is forever willing to serve, to obey and to entertain her husband. Hopefully a husband would be satisfied, happy, blessed, because he is extremely served and entertained with his wife obedience and service. There will not be domestic violence; there will not be women abuse. He will not seek sexual satisfaction outside the vicinity of his home, thus prostitution will not take place. He becomes a very responsible husband in all aspect. Finally, with this vision in mind, we the women wing of GLOBAL IKHWAN CORPORATION will launch an ‘OBEDIENT WIVES CLUB’.


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